Pond Hockey from Enki Studios on Vimeo.

This strikes a chord for me for a couple of reasons:

  • It's getting cold out;
  • The water will be freezing soon and I'll get to take my Texan girlfriend skating;
  • The Oilers are an extremely fun team to watch this year and has rekindled my love for the sport which had been dormant for a couple of years;
  • Working on my hockey coaching/training software (AIM Hockey) has been very time consuming lately but a lot of fun.

I also like short films and this was a well done piece. I'm excited to get on the ice!

Congratulations Canada

Not the same watching the game on the couch in Spain, but was a great game nonetheless. Better result.

During their last Gold medal win, in Salt Lake, I was working with Hockey Canada. Working with HC during the Olympics is a great experience, especially when they win. It's going to continue to be a great few months for them I'm sure, as they absorb the after-effects of the win. I'm jealous.