Back at it

All the signs seem to point towards dusting off this site. 

When I started blogging here back in '08 my life was going through some major changes. I was newly single, hanging out in NYC, launching a startup, and freelance consulting. Writing was a good outlet. Plus it was way to update those at home about my activities and serve as a promotional vehicle.

Then things settled down - I went back home to Calgary, got in a serious relationship, and got a job... there wasn't as much to talk about and less of a desire for self-promotion.

Now things are crazy again & they have been for a while. About a year ago my wife and I quit our jobs, had a baby and moved to Austin, TX - pretty much all at once. Along the way everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong (stories for another day). As a new dad and a Canadian living in Texas, it seems like there is always something blowing my mind.

I've also been working another start-up and doing some consulting again. I've been looking at full time gigs but I've been lucky enough to land a couple of interesting contracts and it has sparked thoughts of becoming a full-time freelancer again. 

So there it is... a need for self-promotion and a lot to talk about. We're back in business. 

Things I hope to talk about here are marketing, product development, living in TX/America, and fatherhood. Plus a good dose of randomness & the Edmonton Oilers.

Here we go.