Back in Malaga

Just took the bus back to Malaga from Granada, which was a great trip. My new friend Cristina had to visit her family there so we took the bus up together. I walked around El Alhambra for about four hours. Alhambra is an old city & fort that has been passed back and forth between Christians and Muslims for hundreds of years. I was able to get a ton of photos, but they are still in my camera and there are a few hundred to go through. Once I do I will put some up on my Flickr account.

Even though I was exhausted from waking up early Friday for the bus and a day of walking, I decided to stay overnight in Granada - so I got a room in a hostel. I realized that, in the 12 or so years since I went backpacking, my expectations for accommodations have gone up fairly considerably. After securing the hostel and having a conference call for work I was able to go out with Cristine and some of her friends to enjoy the nightlife in Granada. One of the great things is that any time you order an alcoholic beverage in Granada, you get a free tapas plate... and a drink is only about 2-3 euros. So it is very cheap to eat & drink in Granada.

We ended up at this place that reminded me so much of the Palace (before it became Flames Central). I already posted the picture, but it really doesn't do it justice. It was an old style, multi-level movie theatre which had been converted to a nightclub. For some reason it was very surreal to me. The oddest thing about it was the age of the patrons. There were so many older people in the bar (in the 50-70 age range) mixed in with the people that were there in their 20's & 30's. And they were there to party. It was extremely entertaining. I tried getting photos, but it was too dark.

This morning I walked around Granada and it was a great day. The first t-shirt weather day since I've been to Spain. I walked through the Albayzin (which is the part of Granada where the buildings are all white) and went to the Cathedral, which is where they say much of the Spanish Inquisition took place. Walking around a place like Granada definitely gives a person a lot to think about, and after the bus ride home it feels like my brain is going to explode. There is a carnivale tonight in Malaga and I can hear the drums starting up, so I'm going to go check that out.

I grabbed some pics of the Sierra Nevada mountains and more olive tree fields while on the bus home.