Document, Don't Create

In this video Gary Vee basically outlines some of the secrets of his success and gives a protege some career advice. It's 22 minutes but worth watching, but the key take-aways for me were:

  1. Start. Do. Basically, stop strategizing and get to it. So true. I read a quote the other day that is appropriate here: "Don't let perfection become procrastination. Do it now!" (Danielle LaPorte)
  2. Be yourself. When you're authentic and true to yourself, people will come to you.
  3. Don't oversell yourself. Don't try to be who you're not because you think everyone else needs that.
  4. Talk about your process. Don't tell people what to do because they're naturally going to be skeptical anyways - give them your thoughts and share how you got there.
  5. Package your offering. If you're looking for money, investors and customers will pay for your brand but nobody's buying a person - so what are they buying?
  6. Partners matter. If can't do the business part, get a business partner & so on.
  7. Document, over create. You can put out content by letting someone else do the work. Document what they've done and everyone wins. It's basically what I'm doing here.

Here's the video: