Looking down on the World Mobile Conference

I couldn't get in to the WMC, even though I really wanted to see the coolest new gadgetry. So instead I climbed up to the huge palace behind it, which houses a museum, so I could look down and snub my nose at them. The museum was quite cool - it was the MNAC (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya) - so it had a ton of Catalonian art and architecture dating from Roman times through today. A ton more Picasso & Dali, both of whose dedicated museums I visited yesterday. I also went to Joan Miro's museum today which was pretty cool.

Both the MNAC and Fundacio Joan Miro were up on this giant hill that overlooks the city. Also on the hill is this massive 18th century castle, Castell de Montjuic, however I needed to be back at my hotel for a Skype call with my future Brooklyn roommate so I had to hustle back. In the process I got lost in a bad neighbourhood. It all worked out though & am pretty sure that I have a place lined up from the 3rd to the 11th. The person who I'm subletting from is from Montreal. Now I just have to change my plane ticket.