McAfee is slow.

To me, McAfee is at best a shitty organization. A company that makes shitty products and markets them to you in a less-than-honest way.

There are way better virus scanners out there for free or cheap (I use, and love AVG). The only thing McAfee is good for is bloating up your computer with dozens of small programs that use up your system resources, require constant updates and generally slow things down. Virus & malware protection isn't very good if it renders your computer useless. It's only saving grace is that it's slightly better than Norton.

I've looked like a performance-enhancing, computer genius among friends and family more than once by simply uninstalling McAfee and replacing it with AVG.

A couple of months ago I got an email from McAfee that suggested I buy some of their software to speed up my computer. That in itself is highly amusing to me - first, sell users (preinstalled) software that will slow down their computers, then sell them something that will speed it up. Very slick. Ethically, you'd think that if they found something to make McAfee infected computers run faster, they would actually incorporate that in to the offending software (their own).

A couple of days ago they trumped that by letting me know that my McAfee Protection has expired. The only time I ever paid for McAfee on one of my own computers was in 2001, and I only paid for a 1 year subscription.

On the face of it, emailing me a notification that my subscription just expired seems like a pretty underhanded marketing ploy. On the other hand, maybe the computers running their CRM software has McAfee installed.