Wet in Sevilla

I made it to Seville after missing the first train, and as soon as I stepped out of the station it started pouring. I stopped by the cathedral and walked around town for a bit, but really only managed to get soaking wet. With almost everything closed due to siesta, I'm back at the hotel drying off. Although, after reading about the snow storm that hit the east coast, I'm glad I'm not in NYC right now.

I got a great place to stay tonight and am hoping that it is drier tomorrow so I can go check out the sights. I noticed that there are a lot more tourists here, which actually might be a good thing. I'm hoping to find a good place to go to tonight, but in the meantime I'm cooped up in my hotel room - bored and wishing I brought another pair of pants.

On the Morocco front - my friend, David, mentioned that he knows someone that owns a Hummer and is looking to do a drive through Morocco and the Sahara. It sounds interesting, so I'm considering it and hoping that I'll hear some news about it when I get back to Malaga. Could be fun.