View of nature changed. Thanks alot Guiseppe.

I've always thought of knots in wood as a massive pain in the ass. Anyone who's cut a 2x4 with a handsaw or chopped wood for a fire knows a gnarly knot can stop you faster than Scott Stevens.

Enter Guiseppe Penone, the Italian artist who carved into a giant tree trunk and left the knotted parts untouched to reveal a smaller sapling inside. Who knew?

Penone recently had an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario called The Hidden Life Within.

AMAZING Art Installation. Ghost In The Machine: musicians & celebs made out of cassette tape.

Here are just a few portraits created by Erika Iris Simmons (aka iri5) using nothing but cassette tape ribbon. I love stuff like this in general, but this is particularly great. You can check out more of the Ghost in the Machine on her Flickr page, and it also looks like she's accepting all kinds of donations (tapes, lace & a butterfly net) on her site.

I think my favorite is the Kurt Cobain portrait, but was so happy when I saw Ian Brown in there. Love those Stone Roses.


This painting has more soldiers than the entire Spanish Civil War. Zing!

Seriously though folks, they do not like you taking pics. Couldn't get a good one but this proves I saw it. Second most favorite Picasso after the Old Guitarist.