This painting has more soldiers than the entire Spanish Civil War. Zing!

Seriously though folks, they do not like you taking pics. Couldn't get a good one but this proves I saw it. Second most favorite Picasso after the Old Guitarist.

Looking down on the World Mobile Conference

I couldn't get in to the WMC, even though I really wanted to see the coolest new gadgetry. So instead I climbed up to the huge palace behind it, which houses a museum, so I could look down and snub my nose at them. The museum was quite cool - it was the MNAC (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya) - so it had a ton of Catalonian art and architecture dating from Roman times through today. A ton more Picasso & Dali, both of whose dedicated museums I visited yesterday. I also went to Joan Miro's museum today which was pretty cool.

Both the MNAC and Fundacio Joan Miro were up on this giant hill that overlooks the city. Also on the hill is this massive 18th century castle, Castell de Montjuic, however I needed to be back at my hotel for a Skype call with my future Brooklyn roommate so I had to hustle back. In the process I got lost in a bad neighbourhood. It all worked out though & am pretty sure that I have a place lined up from the 3rd to the 11th. The person who I'm subletting from is from Montreal. Now I just have to change my plane ticket.

Days 1 & 2 of Malaga

So I arrived in Malaga at noon after traveling all night. I was pretty wiped, but I am staying in a great place for the 6 weeks I'm here. I arranged something with someone who was going to be out of the country when I was here, so he had his brother let me in to the place and show me around. I am staying in a converted attic/penthouse in the middle of Malaga's main town square. It's a pedestrian-only area and is beautiful. The entire area is paved with marble, which is notable especially as I have a friend who marveled at the marble door footers in my NYC apartment. It's a little less notable because everything in the area seems to be 100% marble.

After showing me around the apartment, my new friend (David) took me on a tour of about 5 different little restaurants around town and introduced me to the tapas culture. Basically we would sit and have a beverage (coffee, wine, beer, Malaga's famous 'sweet wine') and share a small plate of food & then leave and repeat elsewhere. The specialty in Malaga is fried fish, which was great. We toured around for about 4 hours and then he realized he was supposed to run some errands for his girlfriend so he had to go (I caught a pic of his change in mood when he realized he had to go).

It gave me a chance to nap for a few hours. When I woke up it was midnight and I went out to find some dinner. It was a Saturday night and the streets were packed with people. Of course they all spoke Spanish and I was still pretty tired so I ducked in to a small place and got a giant bowl of paella. Just like everything else I've eaten here it was amazing. Then I tried to find my way home and got lost. I still hadn't got the internet working properly on my iPhone after getting a new sim card from a Spanish carrier.

I got home and was able to sleep in this morning. At lunch, David and his girlfriend (who's also great) came by the place and took me around some more. Malaga is the birthplace of Pable Picasso and, although its a cliche, he's my favourite artist (The Old Guitarist is probably my favorite work of art, which I saw in NY years ago). A lot of surrealist stuff came out of this area as well, including a lot of Dali's work. Anyways, we went to both Picasso's birthplace and the Museo Picasso, which sits on an old Roman ruin (the ruins are on display in the basement where you can see 16th century structures built on top of 6th century structures). We also did a lot more eating and drinking.

An interesting side-note: I took up yoga while I was in NY (an ex of mine would probably shit herself to know this as she tried so hard to get me to go. While in NY I met someone who said I was too much of a pussy to go... that pretty much did it). Anyways, I actually kind of enjoyed the yoga but thought I likely wouldn't take it up again at least until I got back to NY. Turns out my new friend is a yoga instructor. Go figure.

So after much eating and drinking, David and his girlfriend passed out here. And my sense of time is still pretty messed up, so I'm up late and now with this blog posting I'm finally caught up to present day. I'm going to bed.

(a note about my pics: I know a lot of them are crap but I'm only posting iPhone photos here. I'll get around to posting my other photos on Flickr eventually)