Wicked Day

Yesterday, after a late start, I met up with my new friends from Wednesday's Fader Fort lineup. They wanted to see a separate band, but I was pleasantly surprised that Bowerbirds was about to start a set when I got there. After some initial sound problems, they had a great set. Then the group split apart a bit, a friend (Ashlea) and I went to go see the Delta Spirit at the IFC. They were filming something for the IFC channel to promote their new album, so we wanted to get in to see that. Ashlea doesn't have a pass, so she wasn't allowed in to the venue - however after a bit of fanangling we were able to get in and be part of a 30-person audience. Was very cool.

After high on our luck, we decided to celebrate with some rapid-fire margaritas and tequila shots. It was about 4pm at this point. I was convinced that it would get the party started right and also called a pussy for trying to pace myself. Telling me that I can't do something is pretty much the best way to convince me to do it. With a good buzz on we headed down to the Fader Fort to catch most of the day's lineup. The highlight was the Columbian band Bomba Estero. We hung out with some of the local crowd afterwards and saw GZA from the other side of his venue's fence. Apparently Bill Murray was there, which is odd (I guss GZA and Murray were in a film together).

With several more beverages in our bodies, we thought that for sure we'd be able to get Ashlea in to Stubbs to see Drive By Truckers, Band of Horses and Broken Social Scene. Everyone pretty much guaranteed that wouldn't happen as they were clamping down on wristbands and passes to the bigger shows. However, we got in no problem and was able to see all three bands perform great sets. Emily Haines and James Shaw from Metric came out for one song, which was awesome.

I'm now at the hotel getting ready to see the Japandroids and start my Friday.