Another great Old Spice ad

Weiden+Kennedy has been killing it with the Old Spice ads, easily the best campaign of the past year. They've done a great job of breaking down the perception of Old Spice being your grandfather's deodorant with their Smell Like a Man, Man; Different Scents; Swagger; and Where Freshness Smells From ads. This ad is part of a set promoting their new bodywash.

Each set of ads has the same ridiculous quirkiness that is funny, memorable and has an appeal for both men and women. They are somewhat reminiscent of the Dos Equis ads from last year (The Most Interesting Man in the World, agency: EuroRSCG). But there is also enough variety in the themes within each set of ads which should allow the campaign to stay fresh for a while. I'm looking forward to what W+K is going to come up with next with this brand.

See all of the awesome Old Spice ads on their Youtube page

Oh no. Sweatpants?! Wait a minute...

So I saw sweatpants in 2 different clothing stores today. The first was Zara, and then I saw them again at this other place and realized it wasn't a coincidence - it was an upcoming trend. At first I was amused and kind of disgusted - but now I'm kind of pumped. Could be a relaxing couple of years coming up.

However, since I'm behind on fashion and not really interested in leading the pack on the sweatpants trend - I bought a couple of pairs of jeans. One of them is a 31 waist... which I haven't fit in to since high school. I didn't even change the tags, a la Jerry Seinfeld. Also, the jeans were 80% off - so around 70e for both, so low risk if they don't fit tomorrow. Everything here is in the 50-80% off range... I'm going to try and buy shoes tomorrow.