If you live in NYC, get ready to start digging

It's a Muppet* treasure hunt for $10,000!

*Note: there is nothing aside from the style of the puppets to suggest this has anything to do with the actual Jim Henson Muppets, however they have been incredibly savvy with their web marketing as of late, and it would not surprise me if there was some connection.

The cool thing here is that this is not being billed as a marketing ploy or stunt to get your email address. In the FAQ's they answer 'What's the Catch?' with: "NOTHING. This is not a contest. Please don't send us your personal information. We don't want your email. There is no list to sign up for. We just want you to enjoy the videos. They contain everything you need to find the chest."

Of course, they likely expect the mystery around who is behind this thing will generate tons of PR. They will be proven correct there - it looks fun and yet another thing that makes me wish I was back in NY.

Here's their site: welostourgold.com