Introducing Clegg's List

This is something that's been around for a while now. It started kind of as a joke with some friends, and then I actually registered the domain and it became a reality. The site is - and it serves as a way for me to list stuff I like, employ some fancy wordplay, stroke my own ego, and try out tumblr.  Hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I probably won't update the site very often - it's been around for a while and has only seen a few updates... but it will be updated enough that it's worth mentioning here. Plus - there's nothing wrong with a little cross-promotion between my personal sites.

Letting Go

On the plane ride home today, my pen exploded.

I have carried a pen in my pocket since I was in grade 6 - despite the extra cargo, it has allowed me to doodle when I've been bored, write down ideas when the spirit moves me, and get contact information when I meet someone I want to see again. In over 20 years of carrying this type of pen (Uniball Micro), it's maybe exploded on me twice. Still, I realize that this is not an Earth shattering event. The thing that is significant: it made me realize I don't actually need a pen on hand anymore. I've had an iPhone for well over a year now and it does everything that a pen ever did for me. It's already loaded with all of my contacts, many lists, various brainwaves, and maps of anywhere I want to go. It has replaced my home phone, my old flip phone, my PDA (remember those?!), my point & shoot digital camera, and now MY PEN. **recalling Kids in the Hall sketch**

And yes, I realize this may be the most boring blog post ever written, filled with all kinds of obvious - but sometimes something needs to explode before you recognize the simple thing that's been in front of you all along.

Definitely something wrong here.

I stole this from John Hutchings, who I used to work with and who worked in marketing for the health industry before that. I'd be interested to talk to him about this one day.

As someone who is an entrepreneur and all about less government and a pro-business environment, it drives me crazy when I see that there isn't a social consciousness within the leaders of these massive companies (I don't know why I would expect it - there's such a huge degree of separation from reality at that point... and really their only job is to deliver results for the shareholders). I am starting to think that big businesses are way worse than government, and in order to protect our civil liberties and allow for more of a free market, you have to have more restrictions on major corporations. I know it is contradictory and will also never happen, but seeing this kind of stuff is just sad.

Maximizing Small Spaces

Designing a user interface can be a huge challenge. On top of the intuitiveness, readability, accessibility and aesthetic issues, often it is a matter of getting an endless number of components in to a very limited space while keeping enough empty space remaining so you can think.

It is very interesting to see innovation like this in architecture.